What is Education? Importance of education


The process of preparing a person to get his aims by utilizing all the faculties to the fullest extent as a society member is called Education.Education Types is also describe in this session

Importance of education:  

Education is so important because it has a very important role in our life. The Childhood and Higher level Education play a very important for a successful life. Higher level Education has an importance for personal, social and economic growth and development of a nation. Education has a very important role for prosperity and to live happy.
Education can empower minds and minds become able to produce good idea & thoughts. Education makes students analyzer while making good life decisions. Life produces different challenges for a person. But education makes them able to fight with failure and become successful in their life.

There are three main kinds of Education Types are as follows:

  • Formal Education
  • Informal Education
  • Non-formal Education

Formal Education: This type of Education Includes

  • Practical adult education learning
  • Diversity in ways and content
  • Utilize local sources.
  • Built on learner’s involvement.
  • Daily life examples of learning.

Non Formal Education:

  • It’s a Long learning Process
  • Getting education from professional Experience.
  • Getting education from home.
  • Getting education from Gathering or Environment.
  • Learning from job work.

Informal Education

  • It is different from both types of educations like formal education and Non-Formal Education.
  • Discussion between students, learning outside the classroom, learning from Videos etc is included in this kind of education.
  • Learning or Training activities
  • Source of collection knowledge could be the Internet, Social Websites, electronic or print media, group discussion between friends and family members.

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