Present Tense


In English grammar, tenses are category of words that is use to express time. Let we discuss more about tenses. There are three fundamental kinds of tenses Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense.

Present Tense

The present is a type of tense which is use to describes or defines a current situation or state of being. However, somewhat unusually, this tense also can be used to define past and future states. For example:

  • I jump in the swimming pool every Sunday. (Present event of being)
  • I am hungry (Present state)
  • A women runs into a club. Ouch! (Past state)
Present Tenses
ExampleHow to Use
  • He goes
  • She like Ice-cream.
  • The Bus gets in at 5 o’clock.
  • The use of simple present tense:
    (1) It is use To define facts or habits.
    (2) To define plans of events in the future.
    (3)Use to tell the stories to listeners & reader to make them feel more engaged with the stories.
  • He is going
  • John is looking for latest flyer
  • An ongoing action in the present can be defined in present progressive tense.
    Perfect Tense
  • She has gone
  • I have worked with two world’s best scientists in the field of entomology
  • Present perfect tenses are used for define actions that began in past but still continuing in the present.
    Present Perfect Progressive
  • He has been going
  • Use of present perfect

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