Difference between Education and Learning

Education and Learning

What is Education?

Education is the process of receiving or giving methodical instruction. Education is a structured and specific process of passing knowledge, values, skills and attitudes from one generation to another in a society, which can be beneficial to an individual.

Education is a most important factor to the progress of a society, and it is compulsory in many countries up to a certain age. Education is also considered as a basic human right. Education is a branch of learning which can be reflected in the form of mark sheets or certificates.

What is Learning?

Learning can be defined as the obtaining of new skills, knowledge and values. In learning knowledge and skills are gained through study, experience or being taught. We can say, learning is the permanent change in a person’s knowledge or behavior due to experience. Learning can occur consciously and unconsciously through education, schooling, training or personal development.

Learning is the natural ability of the human mind to observe, process and adjust. An individual never stops learning, since new information is discovered and processed every day.

Education vs learning

In education, knowledge is acquired through a teacher or a textbook. In learning, knowledge is gained through various sources like study or experience. Education is a system and learning is a process.

To educate, a teacher is required from whom the knowledge is assumed to be correct. A person can educate others, and be educated in turn from the education process regardless of what specifically is learned.

Formal education takes place in a specific structured environment, and multiple students are educated under a certified and trained instructor in one classroom. In formal education, there is a set of curriculum, and students may not be really interested in what they are being taught, but they memorize their lessons to get marks and pass the exams. While Learning is not limited to a certain age or period in life; we learn throughout our lives by experiences. Learning is understanding and experiencing whatever we saw, it is not listening and accepting what we are taught.

Main Difference of Education vs learning

The main difference between education and learning is that learning is the process of obtaining the knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught while education is the process of receiving or giving systematic knowledge. Both words education and learning are related to acquisition of knowledge.

Learning is the process involving the way of getting knowledge, skills and attitude, while education is facilitation of learning by using methods such as discussion, training, teaching and research. It is stated that education is a small part of learning and the term learning has a broad meaning. We are not born with knowledge but we learn throughout of our life and it helps us to lead our life in a better way.

The basic difference between education and learning is that they are achieved in different ways, but it is much possible to be educated and not learn anything.