Benefits of Having Cats

Benefits of Having Cats

Benefits of Having Cats, It is scientifically proved that having a furry roommate is extremely good for you. Even watching cat videos or pictures can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions.

Cats are good for Heart

Owning a cat is good for your heart. Patting a cat has a positive calming effects on your mood. Cats amazingly lower your stress level, and lower the amount of anxiety in your life. One study found that cat owners had 30 percent less risk of heart diseases including stroke.

Cats purr in your lap. Purring surprisingly wash away a lot of tough thoughts from your mind and soothes the soul. Cat’s purring lowers the blood pressure. Petting a cat lowers the blood pressure by about 10 basis points.

Cats Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Cats help to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance a positive attitude while reducing negativity and boost energy. Having a cat around you actually releases chemicals from your body which lowers the stress and anxiety level. If you spend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes per day with your cat like cuddling, playing or just hanging out, your mood might get a boost and you will feel relax.

You’ll Sleep Better

Cats help you to get a peaceful sleep. When you go to bed and your cat cuddles up to you, you will sleep more soundly. People prefer to sleep with their cats, and they even report sleeping better. According to some medical researches, sleeping with a cat could offer a sense of security and aid in relaxation.

Cats will help You Cope

If you are experiencing grief, cats have a way of improving your mental health. Cats help people to get over their loss more quickly and give support during difficult times. People talk to their cats to work out their feelings.

Grief comes in many different forms. Whether you have lost a pet, a loved one or experienced a loss, the feelings can be terrible. At that time cat relieve your stress, calm feelings of anxiety, and improve overall happiness just by offering a positive and consistent symbolic relationship with you.

Cat Owners are Smart

A research shows that cat owners are more intelligent as well. Cat probably does not make itself the owner smarter. Theresearchers say smarter people work for long hours, and since cats require less attention, they are a better choice for the busy people.

Playing with a cat is active exercise that gives physical benefits to the owner. Cats help to reduce loneliness, their actions and conversations promotes sociability.

Cats Provide Play Time at Home

No doubt, cats are highly entertaining. They like to play and explore everything around them. They like to hunt and get into things. Put an empty grocery bag on the floor and your cat will be inside it. Take an empty cartoon poke a hole and now you have got a play time, both you and your cat will enjoy. Cats chase and beat up toys, hide in boxes, climb scratching posts and play with owners also.

Cats are Empathic

Empathy is when you understand and share another’s vibes. Cats are very empathic, they can sense good and bad feelings and can even sense if there is something wrong with you. They understand basic emotions and show themselves.

Supportive Companionship

When there is a cat in the home, there is always someone else to talk to and look after, and this keeps older people active and engaged. Cats are adoptable and so versatile they can accompany us at any stage of our life. Cats remember kindness shown to them and return the favour later. They fulfil the need for a kind and loyal companionship especially for women.

Given all of these benefits, cats have now become number one pet in the world.