About Us

Try Education Types(TET) is an organization is working from 2014 in different areas of the world to promote education.

We are working on the following:

Basic English Language

For our learner community Tryeducationtypes(TET) work on different topics to make easy to learn and understand English so our learners can compete the world.

Professional Degrees

We discuss different degrees for our community to provide them awareness about their passion related professional degree.


Motivations play a very important role to get start a new way either it’s a degree, it’s a job or it’s a business so our expert motivate them by using quotes of different Authors and by the motivational stories to make them successful, to live a happy and joyful life in the society.

Try Education Types (TET)

Tryeducationtypes(TET) is an organization is working from 2014 in different areas of the world to promote education & help aware everybody that how they can fulfill their aims of life by getting a professional degree related with their interest.

Tryeducationtypes(TET) provides you the information about different disciplines and their scope in worldwide. Our Experts also share their knowledge with our learners how they can improve their learning skills and also motivate them to become a successful person in their life

There is a lot of website on internet providing same services but they don’t fully trained and expert teachers they are just providing services on just theoretical base but are providing information on daily bases after analyzing different level of students. We also update on information on our website time to time according to modern.